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A Few Notes About the Locale:  Rez is deceptively simple: up close it's this snowy little world: a woods with a tiny house and a mysterious yellow cave that you can't really enter. But as you wander across it and sweep your camera around and play with time of day (I recommend sunset), you may find it, as I did, a visual masterpiece built from light. And what is this snowy little world doing ... well, that would be telling. Just cam around, and the mysteries of this sim will deepen. Warcraft veterans may be reminded a bit of mountainous Blade's Edge, had those mountains been a bit less arid. :)

How I Found It:  I had already picked out the next dress, my lovely, stained bondage-bandage dress, and was thinking a little about finding a place that  would well display it. A grunge-neko city would have worked, but it seemed so predictable. So I was undecided. Which was Ok, as I hadn't put together the accessories for the dress. Time passed, and I found myself shopping in a rather sleazy lingerie store and semi-bored. I cammed up to the roof. Sometimes there are interesting things on a vendor's roof. This time there were a handful of naked slave girls, all in the arms-outstretched Editing Appearance pose (and a few clothed overseers as well, but all standing stock still--as if they were the batteries that powered the store). I was rather annoyed by this tableau, so I checked my map to see if there was any place nearby I could teleport to and rid my mind of this silly sight. As luck would have it, I saw a perfect triple octagon practically next door (just a few ocean leagues away). I happen to love octagons and was very curious about why someone had built something like this as their sim. I scanned for a teleport point and yes! There was one! So Whoosh! I arrived.

And was so taken by the peace and beauty of the place that I completely  forgot my curiosity about triple octagons and jI ust wandered about, immersed in its splendor. On my first visit to Rez, I saw a raven, flying through the trees. I haven't seen it since. But ravens, like owls, are symbols of death, sometimes, and a story came to me, about death, rebirth, and visiting other places.

And so here it is.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, a little reddish-gray fox in the Canadian woods was having a hard winter. She had been shot earlier, in November, by a BB gun, and it had lamed her back leg. As a result, when the snows arrived she found it much harder to catch food to eat. Her ribs shows through her dull pelt. She was cut and bruised in many places on her body due to her inability to move quickly or silently (her leg dragged behind her) and the attention this caused. .She was starved and slowly dying, although she probably didn't know that. All she knew was that her life was miserable and getting more so with each day. The snow had fallen steadily all day, and even with her warm fur, she was frigidly cold.

As twilight fell, her normal hunting time, she felt too exhausted to search for prey and welcomed the sight of a mound of old tires that someone had recently tried to burn. It made a welcoming shelter from the snow and wind. She crawled in the pile of stinking noxious tires as deeply as she could then curled into a ball, her long tail wrapped around herself for protection against the cold. She fell into a shivering, exhausted sleep...

When she awoke she was falling, tumbling over and over through a blue, cloudless sky, as she hurtled toward t white snowy ground that seemed terribly far away. She didn't feel surprise, just terror at her situation. She tried to get her feet beneath her so her landing might be less devastating.

Landing 1

The ground grew closer and closer. And then suddenly she was in the snow, crouched.

Landing 2

She wasn't hurt at all by the fall, in fact, she didn't hurt anywhere on her body. She wasn't even hungry. But crouching down felt awkward so she raised herself to her full height, on her hind legs.

On Hind Legs

On her hind legs? This confused the little fox. The only time she stood fully on her hind legs was when she had some sort of shelf to place her front paws upon, for balance. But now, standing that way felt natural, far more natural than staying on all fours. So she began to walk through the snowy woods and explore her world....

Exploring Rez

The woods were beautiful, silent and pristine and glowing strangely with inner colors... Occasionally she heard a bird call, but other than that it was utterly silent...
The light in some places blinded her...

 Blinded by the Light

She came across a tree stump where somebody was had set out some colored candles and nectar which had attracted hummingbirds, who were greedily gathered around the free food, much like newbies at Yadni's Junkyard...

Newbies at Yadni's Junkyard?!? Where had that thought come from? Nothing in her past experience corresponded with it, but nevertheless she saw an image of Yandi's, blazing in the night sky, next to a large highway...

 Oh dear, it's Yadni's!

She shook her head and continued her explorations... One of the hummingbirds started to follow her around...

Oh Hummingbird, lend us your wings and we'll soar 

At the edge of the woods were imposing crystals, reaching toward the sky and in one, she caught a glimpse of her reflection... And nearly fainted from terror. One of the hated human monsters was staring back at her! But somehow, she realized she was looking at herself (a realization she would never have had were she still a real fox).  She realized she had changed... although at heart she still felt herself to be the same.

She gazes into a crystal and......she sees herself

She began to explore what her new, tall body could do: streching

Newly Human

And Crouching...

By the glowing cave

And Dancing...

The Snow Dance

When she emerged from her trance of discovery, she found herself near a small cabin, a terrifying place that, in her old life, she would only approach if the alternative was starving to death...

Outside the Cabin

She entered the cabin and looked around... It was peaceful here and the light of the sun fell generously through the windows... It would make a find shelter if it started to snow harder....

In the Cabin

(While I have an adventurous spirit, I have never "changed" nor visited places that are vastly different from the one I live and work in. But I have always had friends who did and who, when they trusted me, told me of their adventures. This little tale is dedicated to them. :) )

To those who explore other worlds


The Dress:
  Bandage Dress / QueenQueen / Disco Duranjaya
SLURL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aquel%20sim/106/160/2

The  Place:
SLURL:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/REZ/128/97/2863

If this dress were a song, it would be...

LaLa Moon - Meta Mariposa - Brown
URL:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/LALA%20Moon/105/195/24

Jewelry:  h@QZ- Skulls Necklace /  Abbi Quartz
SURL:  Unknown

Mask: KomainuMask_Pt / (Flugeln Brise aka Tabby Cat) / crow Corvale 
SURL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fanghammer/32/112/2

Skin and Shape?
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Jun. 24th, 2010 12:43 pm (UTC)
A Question to My Readers
Hi this is Unda Xue, replying to her own article. (Yes, it's a nerdy thing to do, but I AM a nerd, so I'm allowed. ;) )

I would like to know from those of you familiar with QueenQueen or Disco Duranjaya's work what YOUR favorite dress of this designer's is and especially, why you like it. Please respond here.

I screen comments for spam but will post yours...posthaste! Thanks!

Unda Xue

Edited at 2010-06-24 12:48 pm (UTC)

Welcome to my Blog!

On Second Life, I am on a budget. I cannot buy 1/10th of the things I see that I'd like to wear. Often, when I visit a store, no matter how much I like their wares, I can only afford one or two things. So I try to make those things count. This blog describes my endeavors to do so.

Each dress or outfit displayed is one I picked out myself and was my favorite of this designer's or of the store's when I visited it. All models in the photos are me. Yes, they sometimes look different; I like variety. :)

About the photos:
Unretouched, unshopped. I like natural virtual light (not to mention oxymorons!) and discovering ways to look good in it. :) The images are cropped a bit, and some have a border when their colors blend too much into the page background.

To other bloggers, online magazines, vendors, etcetera:

Reciporcal link exchanges are welcomed from similar sites or if yours seems relevant in some way to the theme of virtual fashion and/or Second Life. The key here is reciporcal:)


me, hippie


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