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(the last day for this famous SIM is June 30, 2010)

I materialized amidst what seems to be a huge hole in the ground strewn with gigantic dinosaur bones.

Greenies Teleport In Point

And also gigantic newspapers.

Greenies Teleport In Point - Camera Zoomed Out

I remember the wonder I felt when I first found this place, when I was new to Second Life. Actually, at first I didn't feel wonder at all. I looked around the dirty hole and thought, "Where am I?" and "Is this IT?" Back then, I was struggling with creating a look, struggling with learning the interface, struggling with the controls, and feeling very much like an ugly duckling. I knew no one, had been jeered at several times for my ugly look, and was very close to saying to hell with Second Life and never coming back, the way I expect a lot of newcomers do. I am stubborn and I stuck with it, but places like Greenies gave me hope. Hope that there was more to Second Life than just appearance contents and high-schoolish cruelty toward clueless newcomers.

So I wandered up this rabbit hole, back in 2007, wondering where this dirty little tunnel was going to lead and why people raved about this place. And finally, I emerged from what looked like a jagged hole cut in a wall into this gigantic room. The scale was unbelievable. A common chair was as high as a multi-storied building and the light fixture was so far above me that it might very well have been the sun.

Stepping into the house from the mousehole.

That is, if I hadn't been able to fly. Back in 2007, I was so new, I often forgot I could fly, but exploring Greenies made that mandatory. Before I show some more amazing Greenie's pictures, let's talk a little about the dress. I wanted to say goodbye to Greenies before it closed, and what better way to do so, I thought, than in a lovely green dress. Green... green... what did I have that was green? There was this Grecian-style dress that looked lovely...as long as I wasn't wearing it... Nope, not that one. :/ But I remembered that the same designer had made another dress, a fabulously sexy one that was also green, and I had picked it up last month on SLExchange. So I dug her name out, found it in my inventory, and doffed it.

Daphne Diamond Dess Up Close, Greenies in Background

To my great surprise, it was not green. Oh man, did I buy the wrong dress AGAIN?  (holds finger-gun to head). Actually, it was the only one of this type she sold. It's just one of those neutral-colored dresses that pick up the colors around them, and the sales photo must have been shot in a green-lit environment. I decided to stick with it, as it had other "redeeming values."

"Redeeming Values."  You can't see it but I am in an ashtray where three pot-smoking little green guys are staring up at me in bemusement.


Or not. I suppose it depends on what your idea of "redemption" is. ;)

More "Redeeming Values"  And yes, I am standing on an old-timey wax record...assuming you even noticed what I was standing on!

Anyway, I not only liked the dress's look but for some reason it also made me feel nostalgic and a little sad, which is what I also felt when thinking that the SL mainstay, Greenies, was going.

Like my tat? :D  I'll link it in the Details.

Virtual Life is very strange in many ways, and one of the strangest (as well as the one of the hardest) things to get used to is it's ephemeral quality. Things are never permanent in virtual worlds. They shift and flow and ping out of sight. Nor are they in our real(er) world, but the pace of change is much slower "out here" than it is "in there" so change is easier to accommodate and grow used to. You get used to a virtual "place" being there or being in one spot in the metaverse and then ZING! suddenly it's moved--or entirely disappeared. You get used to certain virtual people, the avatars you meet and the individuals behind them, always being there, too, but they are even more ephemeral than the places, it seems...

(shakes myself) Anyway, there's a reason why this giant house is/was called Greenies. There are no giant humans around. just their pets, but the place had, at some point in the past, been invaded by...

In the sink, sitting on a paddle near a paper boat.


...Little Green Men. :D Wearing space helmets, of course. Everywhere you go in that house you encounter them.

In the toaster:

On top of hte toaster on the counter.

In the cat kibbles:

Sitting on the kitty's head

The Infamous "Cat, Mouse, and Greenie" Scene

Getting drunk...

On the can of Bud

Bud, from a distance.

Even in a secret drawer, riding "Mother's Little Helper." (Yes, I know I'm staring rather intently. I've got something of an exobiology...jones.)

Ride 'em, CowAlien!

The book we are all perched upon, by the way, is, quite appropriately, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."

Alas, this will all be gone by the end of June 2010.  Greenies, Goodbye.

Gas Stoves Cook Better.

Stove from a slight distance.

I will miss you, as I miss every place and everyone who passes from my life. And I will remember you, at first with pangs of loss; later, I hope, with happiness at the wonder and joy you brought brought an ugly-duckling newbie, who wasn't sure she belonged in such an ugly, commerical, and, at times, heartless world.

I wish things wouldn't go away.


Au Revoir.


The Dress:
 Casa Del Shai / Shai Delacroix
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Casa%20Del%20Shai/150/99/691

The  Place (for a few more days):  Greenies
SLURL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Greenies%20Home%20Rezzable/146/16/23

If this dress were a song, it would be...

Farina Hair - Moonlight / Ali & Ali Hair
SLURL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wonderland%20Beach/116/128/23

Jewelry: Brina Set / LaForgia Jewels
SLURL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Anubliss/204/105/24

Shoes: Digit Darkes / Lotus Heel
SLURL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Addictive/122/102/31

Tat: -+ RocX +- Romance & Death Tattoo 1 / Play Pool
SLURL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Epilais/53/45/1500

Skin and Shape?
Hey! I have a "mysterious" reputation to uphold!

See all Images Here:


Welcome to my Blog!

On Second Life, I am on a budget. I cannot buy 1/10th of the things I see that I'd like to wear. Often, when I visit a store, no matter how much I like their wares, I can only afford one or two things. So I try to make those things count. This blog describes my endeavors to do so.

Each dress or outfit displayed is one I picked out myself and was my favorite of this designer's or of the store's when I visited it. All models in the photos are me. Yes, they sometimes look different; I like variety. :)

About the photos:
Unretouched, unshopped. I like natural virtual light (not to mention oxymorons!) and discovering ways to look good in it. :) The images are cropped a bit, and some have a border when their colors blend too much into the page background.

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